Best 4K Video Editor For Windows And Mac In 2020
Best 4K Video Editor For Windows And Mac In 2020

Best 4K Video Editor For Windows And Mac In 2020

Whenever there is any kind of occasion, festival, or something memorable taking place, we try to capture that particular moment forever. We take a snap through our camera lenses and save it as a photograph. Likewise, videos are recorded to preserve such emotions that comprise moving visual content.
Whether you record a short clip for social media platforms or an entire feature film, it may contain some flaws and mistakes. Video editor helps you to edit the video captured and decrease the level of irregularities in the video. This essay is going to tell you about some Best 4K Video Editor For Windows And Mac In 2020.

Best 4K Video Editor For Windows And Mac In 2020

Video editing is an excellent job of sense and perfection. As we all know, perfection has no standard limits. A complete video editor helps you to modulate the sound quality, color, tone, style and every other small detail. After performing all these editings, it leads to a perfect video clip.
Through video editing software, you can carry out all these filters and make a video complete for uploading it. Such software can be compatible with either Windows or Mac, even both. They can be free or paid. This article will provide you all related information about some Best 4K Video Editor For Windows and Mac In 2020. Let’s have a look.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Softwares are one of the most prominent names in this industry. A group of creative professionals incorporates magnitudes and world-class features. They look after the features and quality of processing a video.
This is simple and easy to use for them who operates Windows 10 in their laptop and PCs. While using this software, you can add multiple videos from tracks, cameras, tapes even VR. It comes with automatic functioning tools that eradicate the flaws. It also enables you to make 3D editing. This one is the most used software for editing videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Automatic Functions
  • A free trial can be provided


  • Expensive

2. Final Cut Pro X

This particular video editing software is only compatible with Mac. It comes with amazing tools and filters that improvise your video clip. You can also rearrange the audio settings according to your wish.
It provides you a good warranty and comes with a price tag. You can also change the color balancing ratios according to your requirement. Get your Mac upgraded with this very software.

Final Cut Pro X


  • A free trial will be provided for 90 days.
  • Innumerable editing tools are there.
  • Nice features


  • It’s not free

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

This is another entry of Adobe software on this list. It is flexible and friendly to use. This gives you top-graded characteristics and advanced tools to manipulate the video.
You get more exceptional tools like – face detection, unlimited soundtracks, audio effects and so on. Thus it helps you to assemble your video recording and make changes to it. It is flexible to handle by the beginners and professionals as well. On that note, make your mind and install it.

Adobe Premiere Elements


  • Multiple new tools like – video stabilization, face detection and more.
  • Compatible for both Mac and Windows
  • A free trial can be provided


  • It is not quite fast in editing.

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4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Bingo! The third software with super quality video editing features. It is compatible with both Android and iOs. This supports 4K, motion graphics and consist of fantastic sound editing tools.
After completion of your editing process, you can easily export it on social media accounts. Moreover, you can hit a free starter plan before buying it. I hope you understand; Adobe has never let has down due to its high-quality video making features. Hence, what are you waiting for? Crack this jackpot.

Adobe Premiere Rush


  • Good for beginners as well as ultra-editors
  • Loads of features
  • Easy to export


  • Don’t rely on a limited free plan.

5. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

This is the best video editing software for beginners. One who is not accustomed to its features and techniques can quickly get in touch with it and learn. It can be operated via Windows only.
This software comes with real-time effects, color correcting modes, multi-cam features, supports 4K, 360-degree view angle and packed music library. It also provides you 30 days trial to make sure complete satisfaction.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate


  • Easy going with Windows.
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • 4K support is present.


  • The features are too basic.

6. Filmora 9

This is another powerful video editing software with immense features and techniques to make it look lively. It comes with plenty of resources that help you to improvise the video clip. It works full-on under Windows and Mac.|
It gives you 4K support with multi-cam characters. It has amazing in-built tools that enable you to trim and rearrange the video. It looks outstanding when spectators visualize it. Furthermore, it provides you royalty-free music records. You can put these high-definition audios in the background. The free version is also available. In fact, the paid version comes at a reasonable price. Get ready to enjoy super-quality video clips.

Filmora 9


  • Loads of tools to edit your video
  • The free version is available.
  • It supports 4K


  • The free trial is not there.

7. CyberLink PowerDirector

Another such dutiful and powerful video editor is CyberLink. Too good. Trust me. This software makes sure you don’t get upset by its processing your video. It is only compatible with Windows.
Moreover, it delivers you multi-cam features, a 360-degree view. It can track motion and movements. It gives you 30 days trail to make your mind and opt for full-time plans. The features and tools are quite advanced. Practicing editing can make you comfortable with it.

CyberLink PowerDirector


  • A free trial will be given to you.
  • Tools are advanced, thus provides wonderful editing.
  • Windows only operate it.


  • It can be tough for beginners.

8. Pinnacle Studio

Now, this video editor will seriously give you editing like an original studio as professionals do. You can sit at home and use your fingers to make it as a professionally produced video clip. Great right? It is operated on Windows and very simple to tackle.
The most interesting features are- it supports multi-camera capture, editing them, vivid color controls, stop-motion animation and lot more. Furthermore, it provides you a 30 days trial. In case you don’t find it working well for you, a money return is guaranteed. Can you believe it, money return policies are also there. Hence, why to wait. Make your move and buy it. Enjoy supreme video editing.

Pinnacle Studio


  • A free trial is there with a money refund policy.
  • Variety of professional features are provided
  • It only goes well with Windows.


  • It doesn’t support Mac.

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9. Vimeo Create

This software comes with a unique feature. It gives you a wide range of templates. You can use these templates to define or relate various quotes or location compared to the video clip. Excellent, isn’t it?
This helps you to shoot or make the video perfect for social media posts. Hence, it will attract the eyes of views and increase your views and followers. Like other software mentioned above, this one also provides 30 days trial to the customers. This is simple and easy to use by beginners. If you are a beginner, this one is best for you.

Vimeo Create


  • It is compatible with Browser, Android, iOs.
  • It is a template driver software.
  • Best one for creating videos


  • It requires membership to get the benefit of 30 days trial.

10. KineMaster

I hope you heard this very name. It is one of the most popular in-app video editors, which gives a variety of features for modulating your recorded video. It is swift with Android and iOs. It gives you instant previews, smart effects. You can easily change or add high-class stereo sound effects.
Once you download this app from the Google Play store, you can relate what is features are described to you here. Once you put your video clip under Kinemaster editors, all you need to worry about is its fantastic output. Are you excited to assemble your video clip? Then, download this and start to slay.



  • It is compatible via Android and iOs.
  • Rich in features
  • It is entirely free.


  • No windows version is available.


While posting your video clips on social media platforms or other professional zones, you must check all the unwanted mistakes and faults. Thes faults must be rectified. In fact, you can use a variety of changes. You can add templates, change color tone, styles, and produce it in such a way that till looks impressive to your viewers.
I hope this article provided you all hook-and-corners about Best 4K Video Editor For Windows And Mac In 2020. You need not research it further. Just give a check on your most suitable software and hit the download button. Shoot your video and edit with these video editors. So, enjoy getting praises and love you deserve from your hard work and smartness.

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