Best free youtube downloaders

Best Free YouTube Downloaders in 2022

There’s no denying the fact that YouTube holds the monopoly in the video streaming segment, for it is the most-watched video streaming platform. Though there are other video streaming platforms like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitch, etc. they stand no chance in front of YouTube. Slow internet connectivity might obstruct your video viewing experience. But how can … Read more

Best Stremio Alternatives

Top 10 Best Stremio Alternatives 2022 for Android TV, Firestick, and PC

Watching TV channels has become outdated with the launch of various online streaming platforms. With a simple subscription of a month or even a year, you can comfortably stream thousands of movie series online platforms like Stremio. The number of subscriptions of these online streaming platforms has increased inventory with the global pandemic where everybody … Read more

Best TinyPic Alternatives

Top 10 Best TinyPic Alternatives 2022 – Sites Like TinyPic

We know how much you loved TinyPic. TinyPic, owned by, was your one-stop destination for video and image sharing platforms with excellent optimization for free. Now that the website is closed due to diminishing advertising revenue. The free, robust, optimized quality service cannot be rendered due to the shortage of support. In this article, … Read more

Best Moodle Alternatives

Top 10 Best Moodle Alternatives in 2022 – Free Learning Tool

If you’re opting for Moodle, you would also like to look for what other alternatives or competitors the internet has to offer. While researching alternatives to Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), you must always consider factors like data migration, social media support, brand integration, collaborative learning tools, intuitive user interface, multiplatform accessibility, security, and support … Read more

Watch Hindi Movies Online

Best Websites To Watch Hindi Movies Online in 2022

Are you a diehard fan of Bollywood movies but don’t know where to watch Hindi movies online? Or do you have a TV at home but the movie you want to watch doesn’t come in the so-called Chatterbox? Well, I guess then we can solve your problem instantly by helping you search for the best … Read more

Best 7 Free Photo Editor Apps for Android

Best 7 Free Photo Editor Apps for Android in 2022

Nowadays, everybody is busy boasting about their daily life routine through their social media handle. The Internet is flooded with images that have become an integrated part of an individual’s life. And so does the requirement for photo editing apps has emerged at a rapid pace. People are increasingly making use of photo editing applications … Read more

best free PDF Editors for 2020

Best Free PDF Editors to Use in 2022

PDF is indeed the most common document format available for businesses due to its capacity to store the same formatting regardless of operating functionality and hardware. And at times, there is an urgency to edit the PDF format by adding text, images, graphics, signing your name, filling out forms, etc. Finding a free PDF editor … Read more

Best free YouTube to MP3 Converter in 2020

7 Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter in 2022

We all know that YouTube is the ultimate king in the video streaming industry since there’s no other multimedia service provider like it. But at times, we don’t have much time to view the entire video. Instead, we prefer audio over video. That is where YouTube to MP3 converters comes in. It allows the user … Read more