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If you’re opting for Moodle, you would also like to look for what other alternatives or competitors the internet has to offer. While researching alternatives to Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), you must always consider factors like data migration, social media support, brand integration, collaborative learning tools, intuitive user interface, multiplatform accessibility, security, and support services.

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10 Best Moodle Alternatives

Here, I’ve managed to put together a list of learning management systems that have so far been voted as the best moodle alternatives, including Canvas, Google Classroom, etc.

1. Canvas

The Canvas is a learning management system created mainly for educational institutions. It is a modern and reliable web-based software that helps institutions to manage digital learning and allows educators and students to access and present data online, developing their skills.

This reliable and time-saving software makes teaching, learning, implementation, adoption, and customer support far easier. It also provides a customizable architecture so that students can learn in whatever manner they want.

Features of Canvas

  • Canvas Parent: It allows the parent to engage with their child’s daily learning activities by reviewing past assignments and checking grades.
  • Canvas on Mobile: Native iOS and Android apps that allow users to learn even through their mobiles.
  • Integrated Media Recorder: It allows the students to record so they can watch later, and also allows them to upload video and audio.
  • Web Conferencing: It allows users to set a meeting for the whole class.
  • Outcomes: Outcomes help in measuring a student’s capabilities and knowledge.

2. Talent LMS

Talent LMS is a highly configurable learning management system created to help the users simplify how they ease online courses and seminars.

It is a user-friendly cloud LMS to train your students, clients, or customers. It provides a customizable design and architecture so that users can ease their way into e-learning. You can create online courses simply by adding old presentations or videos. Talent LMS also comes with certain helpful features like TinCan (xAPI) and SCORM, gamification, web conferencing, etc.

Features of Talent LMS

  • Gamification: Talent LMS is equipped with gamification capabilities to provide an engaging environment for students.
  • Customizable: It is extremely customizable, and can help you customize it as per your brand requirements.
  • Available on Mobiles: It is built for the modern web offering a great experience on mobiles, PC, or a tablet.
  • Web-Based: Talent LMS is entirely web-based, helping you easily create e-learning courses.
  • Minimalistic Interface: It lets the user put more focus on the content.

3. SkyPrep

SkyPrep LMS is another learning management system that specializes in transitioning any aspect of training your employees on an online platform in a simpler manner. It provides a simple user interface that is fully customizable allowing an engaging learning environment.

SkyPrep LMS has been featured in 2020’s “Best Value Mobile Learning Software.”

Features of SkyPrep

  • Course Builder: Skyprep LMS comes with the flexible distribution of courses when you can even create your own courses.
  • Available on Mobiles: It is easily available on your mobiles and tablets.
  • Assignment Scheduling: It schedules your assignments, tests and meetings.
  • Certifications: It provides certificates to the users after the completion of their courses.
  • Feedback: It provides a feature for the coworkers where they can provide feedback on their training program.

4. Docebo

Docebo is a learning management system software that offers a learning portal to a company so as to provide an online platform to its employees or associates. It comes with certain helpful features like TinCan (xAPI) and SCORM.

Features of Docebo

  • Automation: This LMS allows the admins to define common rules or regulations that get triggered automatically in certain situations.
  • Blog: One interesting feature is, it allows the learners to create their own blogs, providing a rather effective way of learning.
  • Coaching: Docebo LMS introduces us to the role of a coach, or a mentor, who supports effective learning. It helps the learners to complete the course in a better way than non-instructor-led courses.
  • Domain: It lets the learners customize their own domains for the e-learning platform.
  • Creates Labels: It creates different labels to organize the online courses.

5. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS is another cloud-hosted online platform for learning that helps companies deliver effective online training to their workers, partners, and customers, with ease.

Features of Bridge LMS

  • Assessment Tools: Bridge LMS comes with great tools for mastering skills and effective engagement of the employees.
  • Language Support: It has rather an extensive language support, easing the work for international companies.
  • Mobile Responsive Interface: It is available on your mobiles, PC, and tablets.
  • Quizlets: It provides regular tests and quizzes to the employees to help them polish their skills.
  • Email Reminders: Bridge LMS emails you regarding your courses, new programs, tests, or assignments.

6. Coassemble

This LMS has won the Great User Experience Award in 2018. It is still as easy to use.

Coassemble LMS has made it easier to create courses by means of templates, that are also mobile responsive. You can create courses any way you feel is more engaging and intellectual.

Features of Coassemble

  • Assignments: This LMS provides a proficient way of learning by handing out assignments and a given time to complete them.
  • Easy-to-use: Its main aim is to simplify learning by means of a drag and drop tool.
  • Unlimited Storage: You can store unlimited courses without having to worry about storage space.
  • Integrations: It has massive integrations with several apps such as Zapier.
  • Target Market: It mainly targets sales, customer service, IT and production management.

7. Tovuti

Tovuti LMS is another online learning platform that aims to build an appealing online learning platform for small businesses and large enterprises.

Features of Tovuti

  • Ratings and Comments: Tovuti LMS has the option where learners can leave their comments on their lessons.
  • Micro-Learning: It has an option of Micro-Learning Library where it displays all the smaller learning assets like videos, documents, or PDFS.
  • Mobile Responsive: This LMS is 100% mobile responsive.
  • Social Profiles: It gives the users an opportunity to create social profiles and interact with other users and showcase their personalities.
  • Course Management: Tovuti has an organized way of managing its data, and also provides tests and quizzes.

8. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is an award-winning learning management system engineered to fuel business productivity, that allows you to customize and modify your learning experience as per your needs.

It allows you to put your own branding on your courses with over 1500 templates. You can add News Articles, FAQs, etc.

Features of Absorb LMS

  • Customizable: It is 100% customizable enhancing the learner’s experience.
  • eCommerce: Absorb LMS makes online payment easier with a fully integrated LMS eCommerce module.
  • Reporting and Analytics: It provides detailed reports on the basis of the user’s experience.
  • Observation Checklist: It has lessened the wide gap between online learning and on-the-job training.
  • Mobile App: It is 100% mobile responsive.

9. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a reliable, user-friendly LMS for secure data exchange and service training, for the customer-focused enterprise. It does not require any kind of expensive installation and is very simple to use.

It facilitates custom branding. It comes with several content-creating features supporting a lot of formats.

Features of SAP Litmos

  • SCROM: SAP Litmos is a SCROM certified learning platform.
  • Multi-Language: It supports multi-language, making it easier for international companies to use.
  • Massive Integration: It has integrated with Centrify Box, Ping, Ota, etc.
  • Hassle-free: It is very easy to use. The dashboards are uncluttered and inconvenience-free.
  • Gradebook: It provides a grade book where it grades the user’s performance.

10. Mindflash

Mindflash LMS is an end-to-end learning management system that aims to simplify the learning process for employees, workers, associates, or customers. It allows you to create their own courses using texts, templates, videos, presentations, etc., making them more interactive and engaging. It offers you a varied learning experience.

Mindflash is fully customizable. It comes with multi-language support.

Features of Mindflash:

  • Mobile Responsive: It is completely mobile responsive making it easy for educators to access courses on their mobiles or tablets anytime they want.
  • Live Course Editing: It supports live course editing whenever a correction is required.
  • Customizable: It is fully flexible and has a customizable architecture.
  • Instructor-led Courses: It provides courses led and guided by instructors to simplify the learning process, by providing real-time seminars and training programs.
  • Large Scale Training: It also supports large-scale training programs by grouping certain users together.

It becomes necessary to choose an ideal LMS for your organization. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning is being promoted, to ease learning for organizations and businesses. Thus, the choice of a good LMS becomes very necessary. Hoping that with this list of the 10 best alternatives to Moodle, you were able to choose the best eLearning platform for you.

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