Top 10 Best Stremio Alternatives 2022 for Android TV, Firestick, and PC

Watching TV channels has become outdated with the launch of various online streaming platforms. With a simple subscription of a month or even a year, you can comfortably stream thousands of movie series online platforms like Stremio. The number of subscriptions of these online streaming platforms has increased inventory with the global pandemic where everybody is stuck inside their house.

To pass their time and get their mind off the current situation, people please support these streaming platforms. Instead of watching movies and shows on television, people have turned their faces to streaming platforms.  People can watch shows in a single go instead of waiting for the next episode on the online streaming apps. Moreover, on the streaming platforms, they can access millions of classic movies and popular shows that they can watch without any interruption of advertisements.

Stremio is one of the streaming apps with movies and TV shows that you can watch for free. You can download it from Google Play Store. Even though this streaming platform is compatible with the Androids, many people cannot use it with their iPhones and Mac. So for those people, we have brought the 10 best Stremio alternatives that they can use on their television PC, fire stick, Android phones, iPhones, and much more.

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Best Stremio Alternatives

We have mentioned all the streams of alternatives for Mac PC Windows so that every person can benefit from it. Let’s take a look.


Media Portal - Best Stremio Alternatives

The first best Stremio alternative is MediaPortal, which is considered an excellent streaming platform for firesticks. Mediaportal is open-source software that enhances your visual experience by converting it into a complete media centre. It has thousands of music videos, shows, and movies that you can access without any inconvenience.

The media portal is straightforward to use as the navigation system of this platform is completely sorted. You can not only view TV shows on web TV YouTube videos, but you can also download the shows and record them.


Best Stremio Alternatives

One of the best alternatives to Stremio is Kodi which is gaining a lot of popularity in 2021. People have been using this online streaming app since 2004, and since then, the number of binge-watchers has increased purely because of the outstanding video quality. You can use this streaming app without hassle on Android, iOS, Linux, PC, Windows, etc.

This app contains millions of movies, music, TV shows, and radio shows that you can use on your phone and your television as well.  Kodi has even received an award for its great application, and the best thing that makes it one of the best Stremio alternatives is that it is considered the best for watching and binging shows on home theatre PCS.


Best Stremio Alternatives

Most binge watchers look for a free alternative to streaming, and one of them is leonflix. You can use Leonflix on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can be disappointing for Android users as you cannot use it on your Android devices. Leonflix gives you the advantage of multitasking as you can stream videos and write articles by connecting it to an MP4 torrent. You can binge-watch your favourite TV shows and movies without any ad on this Stremio alternative.

To use this app, you don’t have to pay a penny. It is 100% free.


Plex Stremio Alternatives

Plex is one of the best Stremio alternatives for PC, and it offers an excellent user interface on which you can stream videos and audio conveniently. This app also has a library feature through which you can create your systematic library. You can not only stream Live telecasts of shows, but you can also browse unlimited news channels, web series, and podcasts.

You can have a subscription plan for this streaming app monthly, yearly, and even on a lifetime basis. For having an outstanding streaming experience on PC, you can undoubtedly go for Plex as on this streaming app; you can also binge watch the live telecast of shows and news channels that gives an advantage to almost all age groups.


Hulu Alternative for Stremio

Another best Stremio alternative is Hulu which gives you 30 day’s free trial before charging you money for the subscription. You can have access to unlimited TV shows, web series, news channels, sports, and various genres on your television, mobile phone laptops, iOS Chrome, etc. Hulu is also compatible with fire stick Nintendo switch and Roku. However, you can only find this streaming platform in the US which can be a little sad.

Hulu is often compared with Netflix because of the extensive streaming content and the application functioning; however, Hulu has created its separate fan base in the streaming community. Since its arrival, it has been thriving and dominating as one of the best streaming platforms.


Netflix Stremio Alternatives

Another best Stremio alternative for Windows is Netflix. Netflix is not a new word that you might be hearing in 2021. Netflix is one of the best streaming alternatives on which you can binge-watch famous movies, TV shows and web series of different genres. Netflix allows you to make other profiles so that you can have a personalized binge-watching session.

This streaming platform offers you various plans like basic standard premium in which you can take a subscription as per your budget. If you want a single screen subscription, you can go for the basic plan, but if you want a subscription for four people and also so that you can watch it on your TV and laptop, then you can go for standard and premium plans.


Mubi Similar Site like Stremio

The Mubi is another Stremio alternative with an exclusive collection of TV shows and movies that are not available on any other platform. You might have come across this streaming platform on various social media platforms in the form of sponsored ads and campaigns. This app is designed uniquely, mainly to release classic movies that you cannot binge watch on other platforms.

This is the specific reason why this streaming platform is gaining so much popularity and is known to be one of the best Stremio alternatives. Mubi offers great subscription plans along with a free trial, and you can watch exciting movies and exclusive content on this streaming platform.


Disney+ Stremio alternatives for Windows

Disney plus has become extremely popular nowadays, with thousands of popular shows streaming on this platform. On Disney+, you can have access to shows such as Star Wars, Marvel Pixar, and TV shows from Hulu. Disney+ provides outstanding choices because of which people have started to subscribe to this streaming platform. Disney + is considered the best Stremio alternative for Mac as it offers top-notch video clarity that can enhance your streaming experience on Mac.

Disney plus comes with various subscription plans on a monthly and yearly basis. People can have access to Disney Plus worldwide, and in India, Disney + recently joined hands with Hotstar, which is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the country.

Amazon Prime Video

Free Alternatives to Stremio

Everybody is aware of Amazon Prime Video. On Amazon Prime video, you can watch your favourite movies and shows without any interruption or ads. This streaming platform is also made for kids as it has a lot of animated content. Multiple people can access a single account on Amazon Prime and watch content on the highest clarity level.

The icing on the cake is that you can also use Prime video even if you do not have a strong internet connection, and you will have no problem when it comes to clarity.


Emby - Stremio alternatives for Mac

Emby is a newly launched streaming platform that allows you to watch shows, and movies, listen to audio and browse photographs on this app. All you have to do is make an account, and from there, you can use your library stream live telecast easily. This app also has a parental control feature through which parents can control the content they want to allow their children to watch.

This newly launched streaming platform gives tough competition to Stremio as an alternative, and users can have a great viewing experience on the streaming platform on lower subscription plans.


What are you all doing at home? If you want to utilize your time apart from work from home, you should use these streaming platforms to watch exciting movies and shows. These were the top best Stremio alternatives that have gained popularity in 2021.

You can watch your favourite TV shows and movies with your family on your laptop television on these excellent streaming platforms.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can use LeonFlix but if you want to watch popular shows, then take a subscription to Netflix, Disney + Hulu, and other Stremio alternatives.

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